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Bios Analytique offer a wide range of solutions for the laboratory market.

These solutions are today the most successful form of outsourcing the management of scientific equipment because they are better adapted to the technical and financial constraints companies are now facing, than a traditional loan.

The main advantages:  

  • 100% deductible expenses (off balance sheet)
  • VAT recoverable on rents
  • No down payment or increasing payments
  • Agility and flexibility of operation
  • Allows you to include associated services
  • Preservation of financial capacity


“An all-inclusive offer”

Unlike a traditional purchase, leasing allows you to including a range of services, such as extended warranties, that are essential to ensure the equipment functions throughout the leasing period, giving you complete peace of mind and no unexpected bills.


Before going any further, ask yourself the right questions ... 

  • Do you want include equipment in your assets or do you want the flexibility of leasing?
  • What is best way of managing your cash flow needs?
  • What tax and VAT treatment would apply to your preferred financing option?
  • Do you need title to the asset immediately or can ownership be deferred?