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All the flexibility of a short-term rental at the cost of a long-term lease!

The unbeatable solution for chromatography and mass spectrometry!


   Lower payments than a 5-year lease 
   Financial commitment limited to 12 months
   Bios Analytique financing, no bank approvals



Unbeatable price 100% freedom All inclusive



"Fleet" management

Flexibility combined with a very competitive rent make this solution the ideal tool for managing all your laboratory equipment

Cost of use lower than a classic purchase over a long amortization period

• Keep your all your equipment up-to-date and reduces your risk of failure
• Your needs increase, sign a new contract; they decrease, return the equipment you no longer need

This offer is reserved for a specific range and configuration of instruments

Advantages and benefits

- Simplified financial validation

- No banking agreement needed

- Can include your operating costs in the rent

- 100% deductible expenses (off balance sheet)

- Preserves your cash flow and borrowing capacity

- No contribution or VAT advance

Eligible equipment

Agilent Technologies standard chromatography range:

 HPLC (1260II) - UHPLC (1290II)

 GC (8890) - Headspace (7697)

Coupled mass spectrometry

LC/MS single (6100) and triple quad (6400)

GC/MS single (5977) and triple quad (7010