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A good strategy to reduce your rent or your commitment with a total cost similar to leasing in the event of a buyout!


By taking charge of a significant part of the equipment value, Bios Analytique makes it possible to radically reduce the cost of ownership and to externalize a large part of the financial risk.

            Lower monthly payments due to a high Residual Value (up to 50%)
            Shorter period of rental
            Reduces financial commitment
            Open to most techniques

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After the initial rental period, all options remain open:
Return, extend or purchase


Advantages & benefits

• Simplified financial validation
• Accessible to reduced budgets
Eligible equipment: Agilent Technologies range

Coupled chromatography
and mass spectrometry
HPLC (1260II) – UHPLC (1290II)- GC (8890) 
Headspace (7697)

LC/MS single (6100) and triple quad (6400)       GC/MS single (5977) and triple quad (7010)

Atomic/molecular spectroscopy
ICP/OES (5800) – MP-AES (4200) - ICP/MS single (7800-7900) and triple quad (8900)
UV-Visible (Cary) - FTIR (630 -4300)


Microarrays platform – QPCR (Aria)
Tapestation (4200)

Seahorse (XFp, XFe24, XFe96)
Capillary electrophoresis (7100)

* Medium term rental is subject to approval by Bios Analytique